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Fundraiser Package – Books
Fundraiser Package – Books

Price: $179.00


Case of 12 books - The Carrot-Napping
Cost per book: $14.91 Sale price $19.95

8" x 9.5" interactive hardcover book (includes free app) - 47 pages

"The Carrot-Napping" is our first in an ongoing series of short stories for kids about Powerful Plants characters and their efforts to save planet Earth from the "Selfish Seven" (humans). These dastardly characters are headed by "Grendal Greed", and include sidekicks like "Wasteful Wally", and "Polluting Polly".

In this, our first childrens book, kids will also be introduced to "Mean Gene" - a scientist who is set on altering the genes of our carrot character, Daucus. Can Daucus be saved? Kids find out by first reading each page, and then answering three questions before bringing the different plant characters "to life" right on the pages of the book. (with our free downloadable app for smartphones and tablets)

Also included with each book is a package of heirloom carrot seeds, and access to our free downloadable app and questions in the book. Daucus even comes to life with our app right on the carrot seed packet to share planting instructions right in the garden!

Order individual seed packs and interactive books for a 25% discount. Just use the coupon code "TEACHER" at check-out. Please note that all products must be shipped to a school address.