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Tom Thumb Shell Pea - Pisum sativum
Tom Thumb Shell Pea - Pisum sativum

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Product Code: PP-SEEDS-TT

Tom Thumb shell pea is a rare heirloom that dates back to the 1800s and can be grown in the garden or in pots. For kids, its fun to start a pot of these (plant 5 per 5"-6" pot) and bring directly to the table for friends to snack on! Plants are able to withstand hard frosts down to 20 degree F. Because they are short in height (8") Tom Thumb peas are good for cold frame production as welll. They also don't really need a trellis. Shell type pea. Maturity: 50-55 days.
ABOUT PEAS: There are three types of peas -- snap, shell and snow -- and each is worth growing because there is simply nothing that compares to fresh peas and you simply won't be able to find them in the grocery store. In fact, peas are one of the best reasons to have a home garden! Children love to pick them and eat them right in the garden like candy! As their name suggests, shell peas must be shelled to reveal the sweet round nuggets inside. Both Snap and Snow peas have edible pods and are used both fresh and cooked (steamed or stir fried are favorites). Children are also great at shelling. If you have grown too many peas, freeze them or make soup or another dish and freeze that. Don't forget to leave some peas on the vine to dry - either for winter use or as seed for fall sowing. And there is a surprising new discovery about peas: Eaten fresh and raw, they contain the powerful probiotic Leuconostoc mesenteroides, which enhances the immune system.