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Edamame - Glycine max
Edamame -  Glycine max

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Edamame (soybean) has been popular as a dish in Japan for centuries, and reference to it was made in writing as early as the 13th century. The beans are picked green and steamed or boiled. Sea salt is used to flavor the beans, which are extracted from the tough pod.
Dried soybeans are used as animal feed or ground to a powder and then used to make tofu. Soybean is very high in protein and also high in estrogen. Soy is incredibly easy to grow and a fun food for kids to eat and an easy food for parents to prepare!. With the increased popularity of Japanese restaurants and sushi in North America, more and more westerners are enjoying a bowl of Edamame with their meals.
Best of all, Soy Beans are part of the legume family and thus "fix" nitrogen back into the soil, actually making it more productive the following year for other types of plants like corn, melons, and squash that require more nitrogen.