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Butter crunch
Butter crunch

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Lettuce was first cultivated by the Egyptians who turned it from a weed, whose seeds were used to produce oil, into a plant grown for its seeds and leaves. Lettuce spread to the Greeks and Romans, the latter of whom gave it the name "lactuca" (milky - relating the stems), from which the English "lettuce" was ultimately derived.
Bibb lettuce history: The name does not come from the shape of leaves as many would think... Lt. John B. Bibb served in the War of 1812, and represented Logan County in the Kentucky House of Representatives and the state Senate from 1827 to 1834. Lt. Bibb was also an amateur horticulturist and it was he who developed the Bibb lettuce we know and love today. It wasn't offered commercially until 1935.
Butter Crunch is a type of Bibb lettuce that not only has a sturdy, yet supple texture, but also a mild flavor that is nice for newbie lettuce eaters. It also grows in heads, so it's fun for kids to watch develop. This lettuce is great both in salads and on sandwiches - perfect for that springtime school lunch.