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Tom Thumb Shell Pea - Pisum sativum
Price: $2.95

Tom Thumb shell pea is a rare heirloom that dates back to the
1800s and can be grown in the garden or in pots. For kids, its fun to
start a pot of these (plant 5 per 5"-6" pot) and bring directly to the
table for friends to snack on!
Dragon's Tongue Bush Bean
Price: $2.95

The eye-catching color pattern makes this a kid's favorite. This famous
Dutch heirloom bean has an incomparable flavor. The tender and
incredibly delicious 7” pods are yellow with purple streaks!
Edamame - Glycine max
Price: $2.95

Edamame (soybean) has been popular as a dish in Japan for
centuries, and reference to it was made in writing as early as the 13th
Sugar Daddy - Pisum sativum var. macrocarpon
Price: $2.95

Sugar Daddy is quite an admirable guy. He's one of the sweetest of all
the Powerful Plants.