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Butter crunch
Price: $2.95

Lettuce was first cultivated by the Egyptians who turned it from a
weed, whose seeds were used to produce oil, into a plant grown for its
seeds and leaves.
The Chameleon
Price: $2.95

Commonly known as Spinach, The Chameleon is certainly a delicious and nutritious leafy green. But he isn't exactly who he claims to be. Find out more when you bring him to life right on the seed pack!
Rainbow Chard - Beta vulgaris subsp. sicla
Price: $2.95

A colorful woman for sure - and smart. Rainbow Chard just doesn't know
when to quit. Her ability to keep pushing forth leaves even after
numerous cuttings is extraordinary.
Baby Choy - Brassica rap var. chinensis
Price: $2.95

This youngster and his mom have been feeding the Chinese people for
centuries - even while the Great Wall of China was being built! Baby
Choy loves to hear his mother tell him all the stories of their long
history being a part of Chinese culture.