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Comprehensive Seed to Plate Curriculum
Comprehensive Seed to Plate Curriculum


Price: $195.00


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Comprehensive Seed to Plate Curriculum



What’s included for each classroom:

36 packs of Powerful Plants "talking" seed packs – 6 each of six different varieties.

Powerful Plants Interactive App.

Qty. 6 of 24 cell seed starter trays with covers and drain trays

144 - 4" transplant pots, 6 additional drain trays

1 - 18 lb bag of Vermont Compost potting soil

2 - Common Core Plant/Science Activity/Lesson Plan Modules

2 - Common Core Nutrition Activity/Lesson Plan Modules

3 - Copies of The Carrot Napping interactive book

Planting, nurturing, preparing, and then enjoying the vegetables they grew, reveals to children just how amazing fresh, locally grown produce tastes. Eating the food they grew themselves has been proven to be habit forming for children, and a great way to ensure they are getting their five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

The potential long term results for your school?

  • Healthier Kids
  • Improved Attention Span (less sugar)
  • Increased Performance

Why Powerful Plants in Your School?

Click here to see Partial Sample First Grade Lesson Plan